Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somebody's Thinking: A Perspective on My House

Can a house be too big?

One of the biggest complaints I hear people say of their homes always points to space/storage issues. It has recently dawned on me that I do not have that problem.

Don't get me wrong; we do not live in a mansion. We do, however, have a pretty sizeable craftsmen style home with fairly large rooms, lots of cabinets and closets (though the closets are not big themselves), a basement and an attic. It also has two of just about everything--two dens, two eating areas, two full bathrooms, 2x2 bedrooms (really4), 2 points of entry, just lots of 2's.

Whoever built this house back in 1924 was thinking.

Anyway, I've known the house is big since the first time I had to clean it top to bottom. (Also, I have discovered that as I clean, my house actually does this magical trick where it gets bigger and bigger! Feels that way, anyway.)

So too big? You be the judge.

A few weeks ago, I took Jude into the guest bedroom to do some straightening up. That kid's eyes lit up like I had just offered him a bottle, a stroller ride, a light up musical device, and Sophie the Ridiculously Overpriced but Worth Every Penny Teething Giraffe while delivering news that every bit of rice cereal had gone extinct all at once!

Then it dawned on me. Jude had never been in that room before. That's why he was so excited.

So I got to thinking. Jude had never been in the guest bedroom, the purple bathroom, the formal dining room (well, he's be carried through it to get to Jeffrey's Man Cave, but never hung out in it), and has very rarely sat in the formal living room.

So then THAT got me thinking. Disney World? Shoot. Put my money away! We're just going to take this kid to a room in the house each year. That should tie us over for at least four years and and allow us to throw our money towards his Catholic school education that will inevitably leave us eating Ramen noodles and nothing else for the next 22 years (because we also have to factor in college). Am I economical, or what? My sister, with her binders of coupons and sixth sense for locating Double Couplon days, has nothing on this plan of financial ingenuity!

However, it hit me. Just like any vacation spot where a kid can get lost, so too could I lose track of Jude in this house. Shoot, I can't even keep up with Weezy cat most of the time!

Damn those two dens, two eating areas, two full bathrooms, 2x2 bedrooms (really4), 2 points of entry, and lots of other 2's!

What was that builder thinking?!?!?