Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Somebody Shoot Me

Today, I received an email from a student that read something like this: "i can't do this assignment will you please shoot me now." I have to admit I had a good laugh over it, but then I began to look at all I had to accomplish this week and thought, "Honey, I feel your pain." While I should be plowing away at these Comp. 1 papers, writing two tests for tomorrow, and grading through an enormous amount of quizzes and group projects--all so I can turn in midterm grades by Friday at noon--I choose to take a few moments out of the chaos to write down a few of my own words. It never fails. The 8th week of classes, I find myself behind in grading and ready to pull my hair out. In fact, I should take a few moments to thank God for giving me super thick hair because by now, in my seventh year of this madness, I should have none. Anyway, it will all be over in a few short days. In a few short days, I will find myself back in Oxford, where I first met my husband and took some of my first steps in pursuing my dream job which, temporarily, has become a grading hell hole, and I will watch Ole Miss stomp the hell out of Auburn (hey, a girl can dream). In a few short days, I won't have to multitask bouncing a toddler on my lap while combing through the Mrs.-Brown-please-give-me-some-extra-credit-because-I-failed-to-do-the-assigned-work emails. It's coming--in just a few short days. starts back up again around Weeks 14-16. Shoot me now.